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The clinic is supported by various other Ancillary Services within the building:
Clinical Laboratory
Complete facilities for investigation are located on the 3rd floor. These studies and examinations are under the direction of a qualified pathologist.
X-ray and Ultrasound
A modern department of diagnostic radiology and ultrasound is maintained under the supervision of qualified technicians on 4th floor of building.
Bay-College Diagnostic
Located on the 3rd floor Rm. 312 this department has complete facilities available for Echocardiograms, Stress Tests and Cardiac Consultations under the supervision and direction of qualified cardiologists.
Bay-College Diagnostic
Facilities are available on the 3rd floor Rm. 312 for bone densities, cardiolite testing, bone and thyroid scanning and other procedures under the supervision and direction of a qualified physician.
Sleep Disorder
Referred to off site location.
A pharmacy is located on the main floor and is equipped to look after all your prescription needs. There is free delivery available for our patients from the north.

BCML highly trained staff is able to assist our patients with inquiries, concerns and perform a multitude of patient oriented tasks. In addition, several other medical services are available at Lockwood, including:

  24 Hr Holter Monitoring
  24 Hr Blood Pressure Monitoring
  Audiology Testing
  Spirometry Testing
  Optometrist/Eye Exams/Eyewear

Please remember that a referral to our clinic is not required, unless you want to see a specialist. If you would like to schedule an appointment click here.

The Lockwood Clinic maintains a centralized medical records room where all patients' records are readily available to doctors and nurses. Everything in your file pertaining to your ongoing health care is contained in an organized folder. Your records are kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone without your written consent. Please be aware that there may be a fee involved in providing this information.


All our physicians of Lockwood participate in the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). This includes all provinces except Quebec. You will receive a bill for professional services rendered that are not benefits covered under OHIP or any other medical insurance plan. An itemized statement on your account covering your services will be given to you upon payment for reimbursement from your insurance plan. Fees are taken from the Ontario Medical Association guidelines. The Clinic's accounting personnel will always be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding your account.

Missed Appointments
Failure to appear at a scheduled appointment without 24 hour cancellation notice for a G.P. $50.00
Failure to appear at a scheduled appointment without 24 hour cancellation notice for a Specialist $100.00
Service Fees For Patients Without a Health Card
Visit to G.P. for Ontario residents with an EXPIRED health card (Card needs to be presented) $45.00
Visit to G.P. for Out of province patients with an EXPIRED health card (Card needs to be presented) $45.00
Visit to G.P. for Out of province patients with NO health card $100.00*
Visit to G.P for Quebec patients - NEED to show proof of residency and/or Quebec health card $34.70
* Administrative fee of $12.65 is NON-REFUNDABLE
Visit with family physician for a patient who is from out of the country $100.00**
Visit with family physician for a patient who is Canadian but living abroad or left the country $100.00**
** Administrative fee of $15.00 is NON-REFUNDABLE
Patients with UHIP MUST show VALID paper copy of insurance card AT All TIMES!
(We do NOT accept pictures from your cellular phone as valid proof of insurance!)
Otherwise, $100.00 fee for each visit applies! NO REFUNDS
Or, Administrative fee of $15.00 applies if refund is approved by Manager

Patients with SA-GWL MUST present insurance card WITH valid Photo ID AT ALL TIMES!
Otherwise, $100.00 fee for each visit applies! NO REFUNDS!

Patients with IFH MUST present VALID insurance card AT ALL TIMES!
Verification of coverage will be made upon every visit
patient please be aware that NOT ALL services are covered by IFH!!
Visit with Specialist for Patients who are from Out of Province or Out of the Country:
» Internal Medicine $175.00
» Cardiologist $300.00
» Dermatologist $175.00
» Orthopaedist $200.00
» ENT $175.00
» Gynaecologist $250.00
» General Surgeon $180.00
» Neurologist $175.00
» Urologist $175.00
» Allergist $250.00
Uninsured Medical Services
Dietitian - first visit $150.00
Dietitian - follow-up visits $75.00
Allergy Serum $135/No refunds*
TB Skin Test $42.00/step + $20.00 TB form
Liquid Nitrogen Treatment $15.00/per lesion
Drivers Medical Exam $105.00
Drivers Medical Report $25.00
Total Charge for Drivers' Examination is the cost of the Examination - Form $130.00
Services Rendered by Phone
Telephone Advice by a Physician $30.00 minimum
Test Results by Telephone by Office Staff $20.00-$50.00 minimum
Prescription Given or Repeats by Phone/Fax to Patient Representative $20.00 per Rx
Camp/School/Work/Immunization forms $20.00
University Student Absentee Form $25/$30
Sick and Back-to-work/School/Daycare Notes $30.00
Fitness/Weight Loss Form $20.00
Disability Parking Form $25.00
Jury Duty Notes $25.00
Maternity Leave Form $20.00
Transfer of Medical Records and Photocopy Charges
Transfer of Medical Records $65.00
» $65.00 for the first 10 pages, and then add $1.00 for any pages over 10
Photocopy of Records for Patient Use $65.00
» $65.00 for the first 10 pages, and then add $1.00 for any pages over 10
» Copy/Fax of Lab Reports
» Photocopying
Charts that have been inactive for 2 years or more will be stored off site in a secure location. Retrieval of charts will be subject to a $35 or $50 fee.
Note: The above is a GUIDE ONLY and subject to discretionary changes.When any of the services listed above becomes time-intensive it is recommended to bill at the hourly rate. It is possible that some fees may not be listed, and the patient will be advised of the fees at the time of service.
Updated on May 12, 2015
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