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The Lockwood clinic has been serving our community for over 70 years. It was established by Dr. Ambrose Lockwood in 1921 to be a unique and multifaceted medical clinic providing our patients with comprehensive diagnostic testing and related treatment. The clinic's "One Stop" medical and health care is given through a combined effort of physicians and specialists in an efficient, caring and systematic manner.
The clinic joined with BCML to further enhance the health care services available to our patients.
Bay-College Medical & Lockwood is committed to the well being of its patients.
We provide Quality Health Care services in a network of fully integrated, multidisciplinary facilities.
BCML operates as a single provider delivering a comprehensive range of health care services to Ontario's multicultural population.
Our center is strategically located in the Greater Metropolitan Toronto area to attract highly qualified Health Care Professional and to meet the needs of the patient population. The center is easily accessible by public transportation and has parking on the various sites and surrounding areas.
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